Play with numbers

La maestra de inglés Mª Carmen nos envía una actividad para repasar el inglés al comienzo de curso mediante un juego. Dejamos a continuación las instrucciones, las fichas e imágenes necesarias.




Print out two different worksheets with numbers from 1 to 10 for each children.
They must colour them. The teacher can say what colour each number is , in this way, we can rewiew the colours, too.
Cut out the numbers of one worksheet and stick in the envelope ( to decorate it ) and write the word » numbers» on the other side of the envelope.
Then, cut out the numbers of the other worsheet, when the pupils finish to do this, they must put them into the envelope.
We have all the material ready to start playing.
The teacher pulls out a number and say it in a loud way. The pupils look for it inside the envelope and they show it to the teacher, they can say the name of the number, repeat after the teacher and say the colour of them.

Enjoy with it!!

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