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Actiludis is a blog that, since August 2008, looks at the educational world on a daily basis, proposing activities for elementary and secondary school students with the aim of enjoying & learning. Now, six years later, we will start a new journey in which, some of our worksheets and video tutorials for the ABN algorithm in English will be presented. We are not native English speakers and our knowledge of the English language is still limited. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and patience if you find some spelling or grammar mistakes. We are willing to receive any suggestion for correction of errors, inaccuracies or improvement. In addition, we would like to invite native English speakers who wish to assist in the translation of blog materials to make them available to English speakers completely free of charge.

You will find the English contents in a section on the top menu bar titled «Worksheet» in which articles in English will be added, according to the specific subject of the page. To download it, just click on the DOWNLOAD link.

We hope that you can enjoy these activities with your kids or students, as well as many Spanish-speaking children already do.

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